Do Snake Bite Kits Really Work?

You heard the tales and have seen the movies. Someone gets bitten by the snake and their life is at the end of it. That is until their friend sucks out the venom, cuts the wound open and pulls out his pocket knife. Even using some latest techniques such as Tourniquets are of help in lowering the blood flow. You can get information on controlling the blood flow via using tourniquets over

Do Snake Bite Kits Really Work?

This scenario isn't likely to happen as nearly all snake bites occur within the distance of culture. People who reside or work in these regions carry snake bite kits. The question is, do they work?

Snakebite kits come equipped with a scalpel, suction apparatus, and a tourniquet of some type. They direct the website suction and to cut and apply the tourniquet. Most the bite kits that I reviewed recommend that this is achieved if the nearest aid is greater than 30 minutes away.

Every medical textbook that I possess, including "Essentials of Paramedic Care" actually discourage such treatment.  The frequent theme in textbooks includes splinting the affected limb, maintaining the limb in a neutral position (at the level of the heart) and rapid transportation. Measures include establishing monitoring oxygen, ECG, and IV access.

The treatment that's actually going to make a distinction is anti-venom. Then odds are the ER will be outfitted with the antidote to your snake bite if you are in a place where snakes are widespread.

The concept of a snake bites kit sounds great to most, but not to the "experts". If you're bitten by a snake, then your number one priority is to find care.