The questions that you need to ask yourself when selecting residential property lawyers


Builders in a construction firm are always at the receiving end of legal complications. They have to deal with government agencies, customers, lenders, suppliers and much more in their job and thus they are the most susceptible to get involved knowingly or unknowingly in legal disputes. So it always better a builder hires a residential property lawyer from a reputed law firm at the onset of the project.

When hiring a lawyer, what are the questions that a builder needs to ask himself?

1. Is the firm experienced in handling big and small residential property disputes?

Your lawyer should be familiar with the industry and its legal environment. Get to know how well they have handled legal cases in the past. 

2. Is the firm advising you on legal aspects not only when the pressure is on but even in smooth and normal situations?

It is your duty that you keep the lawyer informed of all the processes of the construction work and it is his duty that he advises you well about the legal aspects in situations where you may need to sign a contract or submit tenders.

3. Is the firm flexible in billing to the builder?

Enquire if the firm charges a flat fee or charges extra when legal complications arise. Always ask for a written estimate for the legal fees and an advance notice for circumstances that will cause the lawyer to hike his fees.

Select the best residential property lawyers so that you need not worry about the unnecessary legal complications that eat away your effort, money and time.