Essentials Of A Good Hospital Building

Location of the hospital should be strategically decided

Before the decision to build a hospital comes in mind, a Best Builder Sydney knows how crucial it is to decide upon the location of a hospital. Look for adequate land area available in the city. And choose essentially a location most easily accessible by anyone across the city. Surroundings should be healthy and pollution free.

Ventilation and lighting in the patient rooms

For a positive and healthy environment, ventilation and lighting should be proper. Each room should be designed in a way to install as much windows for proper lighting and ventilation. Make sure the surroundings are such as to prevent any contagious disease to propagate.


Segregation and classification of rooms should be made appropriate. Separate floors for separate class of patients shall be planned. Segregation is must. Separate toilets shall be maintained for patients and personnel, male and female.

Safety and health

Builders Epping should give due care to safety and health measures in blueprint of hospital. Hospital staff and other facilities shall ensure security of the person. A safe environment is essential for patients, personnel and public. Fire extinguishers should be easily accessible. Gas leakages can be easily identified. Exits shall be restricted to a door leading directly outside the building, interior stair, ramp and exterior stair. Corridors must have enough space to avoid congestion in case of rampage.

Waste disposal

Waste segregation is important. Proper system shall be devised to dispose off liquid waste, biodegradable waste, and toxic or radioactive waste. Liquid waste shall be disposed off in an approved public sewerage system.

Water Supply

An approved public water supply system should be easily available. Water supply should be potable, safe and fit for drinking.

HVAC System

Installation of HVAC system should be assigned to reliable contractor. Quality test of material and ducts should be proper to avoid any risk of hazards. HVAC distribution needs to be proper.