Plastic Is Replacing Metal Because Of The Benefits It Serves


Plastics are replacing many metal instruments because of the many reason. In case of automotive clips, the preference is given to plastic clip over metal clip. There is multiple advantage of using plastic clips over metal clips;

Costing: Plastic is low in cost compared to metal and this directly influences the cost of automotive clip. Metal clips require rubber to protect metal to metal contact so that corrosion can be saved. Using plastic clip eliminates the use of rubber which further helps in saving the cost and this also helps in reducing the labor cost. Manufacturing of plastic clips are also less costly then the manufacturing of metal clips.

Decrease weight: Use of plastic clips helps in decreasing the weight of automotive. Weight plays an important role in automotive industry as lighter the automotive in weight more fuel efficiency it gives. For example; lighter cars use less fuel resulting in smaller engine.

Non-Corrosive: Plastic does not corrode and this is one of the reasons for high preference of plastic clips in automotive industry over metal clips.

Versatile: Plastic is an extremely versatile material and this is the reason that plastic is highly preferred in automotive industry. Plastic can be molded in complex shape and can be converted in variety of colors.

Automotive clips industry is witnessing boom in their business because of the high demand in market for automotive clips. Sale of automobiles are increasing day by day and resulting in high growth of automotive clip industry.