We Need A Wedding Planner

Ah, yes. The time when you and your loved one are finally going to be together forever. Or at least what constitutes as forever to us humans who die in the end anyway. But for as long as you two are alive, you ARE sure to love each other yes? Because we really need a reassurance that all is still well in the world and that it will not end in unnecessary divorces. Because that sucks and then we would not need a Los Angeles Wedding Planner.

Unless you already know how to plan your own wedding since it is technically your job to do so, then maybe you would not need it. But then again, it is just like a doctor trying to operate on himself.

It just would not work our as well as we would hope. This is why lawyers do not defend themselves on the court if they made an oopsie. Why dogs do not walk themselves and why therapists do not psychoanalyse themselves.

You just do not because it will not work that way. We all need someone else to do the thinking, working and planning for us, despite the fact that it may be your job professionally to do so. If you are a planner already then you know to at least have a different one plan your own wedding.

At least you could together on some points but leave the majority to her while you focus on your husband and whatever it is brides focus on. Who are we to judge and know? All we ever do in these events is attend and eat the food offered so it honestly is a win win for us here.

And then we get to judge if the whole thing was great and well planned because we did not do any of it. Because we were just invited to celebrate a union that we hope does not end as soon as things go awry. Because, BOY are we ever tired of looking at relationships going wrong.

At least some couples out there actually work things out no matter the differences. Because if you love someone, you are supposed to love all the flaws and the terrible things they did too. That is what love is. And if you cannot even do that, then maybe it was not love after all.

Maybe all it ever was? Was just infatuation at the moment and now you have made a terrible mistake of uniting with this person. If that was the case here then you are as fickle as a dumb human could get. We do wonder how this world is still intact with all these fickleness running afoot.

And not to say that we are not a victim of this flaw, but why can we no ever be happy with the things we love? Why do we have to make things worse and worse and end up miserable? Is it because we become too complacent in the end? And when we find the flaws of our mate, we shirk away? Huh, if only wedding planners were miracle workers too.